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February 19, 2013 at 12:22am

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every album ever


every album ever

September 25, 2012 at 4:42am

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I’ve always liked myspace, spent hours tweaking my ex-bands profile page, and then had to sadly watch it fade out of limelight. 

The redesign looks f$@#in awesome & it may well be the mother of all comebacks!

September 24, 2012 at 9:36am

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Silence is the new LOUD!


A little over 2 weeks since we went a”live” & yet we remain in silence.


'cause “Silence is the new loud!”

What did we get?

Loud Feedback, Loud Opinions, Loud Changes, & Loud Announcements!

What we did?

Domain Changed! now redirects to

Signups from international artists meant we had to go international & open all doors. Which also means subscribers can now enjoy music, movies, & books from artists anywhere around the world!

UI Changed!

We’ve tweaked & rearranged & redesigned our website! Making it all the more easier for you to know exactly what we’re doing & how we plan to do it!

Artists acquired!

There’s nothing more inspiring that artists coming forward to support us & let us know that they believe in us!

We have onboard:

Will Sid Smith - A 17 year old singer/songwriter from UK! 

Fallen Manga Studios - Fantasy Comic book writers from Virginia, US!

Head over to our “Moshlist" a.k.a Artist feature page from more info & links on these amazing artists! You’re also welcome to comment & rate these artists!

Are you an artist? Wanted to be listed as well?

Then, needless to say, Signup

Subscribers acquired!

We continue to get more subscribers & more so their personal preferences on genres of music, movies, & books they like.

Yes, you can too! If you are a music addict/movie buff/book lover/all three you can download a whole lot of it! Signup already!

What more?

- We’re heavy duty busy building our full feature awesome looking mind bending new website!

- We’re stalking & talking to artists anywhere and everywhere left-right-and-center!

- Last but not the least, we’re having fun do it all! :)

Come on now! Follow Us around! We love Stalkers & All paparazzi!

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Founder, Moshbag

September 12, 2012 at 2:29am

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One week since our launch.. and..

It’s been a week since we soft launched our startup,

Moshbag beta and…

"We’ve had hundreds of artists signup & thousands of subscribers!"

is what we’d have ideally liked to say, but…the truth the far from real & it’s honesty time!

We’ve had almost no new signups, little response to our email campaigning, & a tad over  5 new likes on our facebook page.

But it’s interesting that we’ve had a lot of views on our blog, quora board, & the website in general.

There are also two startling observations we’ve made & are yet to fully understand the reasons for it.

  1. Our landing pages for artistssubscribers got far more new signups than our actual beta website!
  2. The existing list of artists who signed up showed little enthusiasm to our email launch alert & I reckon were lazy to share their links with us.

The whole episode has humbled us & now it’s time for introspection. 

Can we ask you to give us your honest feedback & pick one of the below?

1. You hated the idea!

2. The website sucks!

3. I still don’t get it!

4. We’ll wait till you launch the full version with all the features!

Comment here or send in your replies to & give us your head smacking opinions that we really need right now!

We will truly appreciate your response!

P.S. We’re looking to increase the number of artists who signup with us & truly appreciate any help from your end on this. So if you have a good network of artists following you or if you can just help us reach them, we’d be grateful. Again, you can reach out to me here

Looking forward!



Founder, Moshbag

What is Moshbag?

- Moshbag lets musicians, writers, & filmmakers upload ONLY their newest, latest, & unreleased singles/movies/books & Subscribers get to download it ALL for a small subscription fee every month.

September 6, 2012 at 11:28pm

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September 5, 2012 at 2:22am

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Dear Artists…

If you are an artist (be it a musician, a filmmaker, or a writer) in this digital age, then you’ve most definitely used services from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube to release your new work, reach out to fans, & earn your living. A lot of your success on these platforms depends on pure appeal. A slick cover image, an eyeball grabbing title, a good network of followers, & healthy reviews are basic

The competiton too is stiff. You’re up against many who’re trying hard equally to garner more fans & make enough money. Now let’s talk about the pricing. Too high & the buyers think twice. Too low & the buyers think it’s cheap or of low quality.

To top it all, you also have to agree to forego 30% of your earnings  to each service provider (Amazon, ITunes, etc) on every download/sale you can acheive. As for options for making side-money, you can forget about the ad profit sharing dream (youtube) unless your super popular to the power of 3. The streaming business is akin to taking all of your hard work & sharing it on the world-wide web for free. Read this interesting article on business insider if you don’t believe me.

Some additional fans & give or take a few dollars is what you’ll end up with. Nothing gratifying & an effort, you’ll agree, was just not worth it. You might have come to quietly accept this reality that artists today cannot making a decent living.

This is why we’ve decided to stepped in.

"To help Independent artists get together, get paid, & get noticed - fair & square

Presenting MOSHBAG!

Moshbag is a platform for Independent artists to upload only their new, original, & unreleased work, on the go, as & when it’s ready (oven fresh). No waiting for an whole album release/publishing gigs/film festivals/movie screenings.  The only catch is that you can upload just ONE new single, movie, or book per month

This is to ensure quality (gives you time to release your best work each month) and quantity (subscribers cannot consume too many singles, movies, & books every month)

Visitors to our website (music addicts, movie buffs, & books lovers) will have the opportunity to preview all newly releasing music, movies, & books from various artists in a given month. Existing subscribers will have weekly sneak peeks. And if they wish they can download everything (all uploads, yes everything) at the end of that month for a $10 minimum subscription fee.

Moshbag distributes 90% of the entire subscription money collected to all artists who’ve released their work in the given month equally and keeps just 10% of it. Why equally? ‘Cause we beleive that this way the artist community can help itself. Popular artists with more followers can help other less known artists get a wider reach.  How? By the power of collaborative campaigning!

Moshbag is the entire package where subscribers pay to download new releases from all artists collectivelyIn effect, the whole artists community is now one BIG TEAM blasting out new releases & reaching out to fans of one another. And truly, the whole is greater than the sum of parts & we’re not kidding. An artist(s) who generally could gain about 1000 followers on his own can now join hands with other artists on Moshbag and garner more followers (subscribers) than he can ever imagine. This video will help you better understand this.

More the number of subscribersmore the revenue & more money distributed per artist. To put it plainly, an artist can earn a lot more money on each new song/movie/book that he uploads on Moshbag than on any other platform that currently exists. Here’s an hypothetical case study to prove this.

That’s everything there is to Moshbag, our new venture, and your new ally.

We hope that, in the coming years, artists from all genres will view Moshbag as their first go-to place to launch their new & upcoming releases.

We also hope music addicts, movie buffs, & book lovers from around the world discover great music, movies, & books from an eclectic blend of independent artists.

Welcome all to



Founder, Moshbag

P.S. This post is up on Hacker News. If you liked it, please comment & upvote this.

September 4, 2012 at 9:55am

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Oh Joy, It’s a boy! We’ve gone live!

If you’ve followed us closely, then you’d remember we announced that We’re are giving birth. literally!

Lo’ n behold Moshbag beta as promised!

To all who don’t know yet,

Moshbag is a subscription based distribution platform for new music, movies, & books!

Here is our Welcome Note to all the independent musicians, filmmakers, & writers out there!

And this is how we gon-roll-baby:

1. First, we review artists & their previous work! Why? So we get the best artists to showcase their brilliance to our subscribers. 

So here’s a link to all artists from any genre to submit links to their previous work:

Show off your press releases, you previously launched albums/movies/books, your fan pages, your twitter followers, your achievements, your website, or anything you got that grabs our attention! 

Looking forward to discovering you & your fantabulous creations!

2. Next, we follow around artists EVERYWHERE (fb, twitter, tumblr, etc) like smitten puppies & invite them to upload their new releases.

(Note: We have to be honest & let everyone know that we’re being brutally selective of the artists we accept on Moshbag. ‘Cause for one, subscribers who wish to discover new music/movies/books often expect the unexpected. So it’s foremost, that they truly appreciate what we’re offering & that they find the best artists out there in the industry.)

3.  And then we feature the must-know artists & up coming releases on our website, blog, & weekly newsletters!

If you are a music addict, a movie buff, or a book lover & you haven’t signed up yet, then head over to: & pick your muse. No sooner you signup than you receive newsletters with artist features straight to your inbox!

4. Finally, we open shop to subscribers to download all newly releasing music, movies, & books from our awesome artists galore!

For more action, stay up-to-date, keep in touch & Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Quora or Pinterest or right here on our blog!

If you’ve got any more questions, add them here: & we’ll answer back in lightning speeds for sure!

Here’s screaming out once again, WE’VE LAUNCHED!


Come on in y’all!



Founder, Moshbag

September 3, 2012 at 4:18am

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Artists…here is YOUR money!

This post will help artists understand on how they stand to make more money on Moshbag.

A heads up before we get into the math:

  • Moshbag lets independent artists launch ONLY their new, original, & unreleased work every month. 
  • Each artist can upload ONLY one song/movie/book per month. This is to ensure both quality & quantity.
  • Subscribers are charged $10 to download all content (including books, movies, & songs) at the end of each month.
The hypothetical case study:

Scenario 1

Lets assume we have 5 writers, 5 musicians, and 5 filmmakers releasing their new books, new singles, & new movies on Moshbag respectively in the month of November 

Lets assume each artist of the 15 is able to get at least 50 subscribers in that month through their regular marketing channels (fb, twitter, etc) & collective campaigning on Moshbag.

So we now have a total of 750 subscribers who are willing to pay $10 each to download the entire package (new books, singles, & movies from all 15 artists).

On successful completion of the month, the subscription fee is deducted & subscribers get to download/access all newly releasing material from all 15 artists. 

That corresponds to a total of $7500 subscription fee collected. 

Now Moshbag distributes 90% of the entire subscription money to all artists. So that leaves us $6750 to distribute to all artists equally. That corresponds to each artist being paid at least $450 per song/book/movie uploaded on Moshbag in November.

Scenario 2

Consider this scenario where each artist of the 15 instead decided to put up their new book/song/movie for sale on existing platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and so forth. Their earnings would therefore be limited to only their marketing reach. In addition to this, they have to forego 30% of their earnings per sale on most platforms.

Let’s say they’ve each priced their work at $10 (very unlikely, phenomenally high, & may put off buyers). With the 30% cut, they stand to get just $7 per sale. So if 50 is the maximum number of buyers each artist could reach (as assumed in Scenario 1), their total earning would then be just $350.

Comparison & Conclusion

The deductions are straight-forward.

An artist on his own - $350 per song/movie/book.

Together with other artists on Moshbag - $450 per song/movie/book.

Now some might argue of a 3rd Scenario wherein a new single/movie/book from an individual artist might become an overnight success and rake in a lot more than it could on Moshbag & directly benefit the talented artist in question.

But popularity as you know is a function of time, money, & people. The thing to also consider is that the money earned through Moshbag is for the very first month of a new release. Beyond that, the artists are free to continue selling their work on other existing platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, & so forth.

So if a new single/movie/book is destined for greatness, it can jump off the Moshbag platform with enough money into a pool of other services & sell as much as it truly deserves. Thus benefiting the artist even more.

(Psst…What if we told you, that we’re also plotting to help you push your new releases into other services à la Graphicly once it’s released to our subscribers in the first month of it’s launch? Sounds foolproof!)

Now, if you’re ready to trust us & your intuition, then do us the honor of signing up!



Founder, Moshbag

August 28, 2012 at 12:45am

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Do you Download stuff, Stream it, or have it On Cloud?

I recently read an article that predicted that the global revenues of streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, etc is set to grow 5 times faster than the revenues from downloads. 

I’m somehow not too convinced. But it has indeed seeded an element of doubt in my mind. Personally, I would love the option of not having to store physical files (music, movies, or books) on my hard disk, I won’t have to worry about losing my data, I get unlimited access to all the new content & it’s relatively cheap considering the unlimited access.

It’s a no brainer that artists get paid the least in this scenario. They’d need a whole lot of plays/views to make any kind of money out of this. But what really matters is not how the system works but what the end user really wants.

So, if the article were to be true, is it fair to assume that having content on the go, in the cloud, is more viable & less painful, than having to download a lot of content?

Is cloud based entertainment the future?

Now I’ve been toying with various distribution options for Moshbag starting from allowing direct downloads or using Dropbox to offload content to synching the content with platforms people commonly use like iTunes for music, Kindle for books, etc. To those who don’t know yet, Moshbag is a subscription based distribution platform for new music, movies, & books. In short, we distribute only the latest & newest songs, movies, & books from independent artists directly to subscribers.

Given the enormity of the content we might be dealing with it makes good sense to consider what our subscribers want & how exactly would they want it served.

So, please help us out by taking this small survey:

How do you access your music/movie files & ebooks?

We’ll try to implement our distribution system a lot based on the results.

Your opinion on this matters!



Founder, Moshbag

August 27, 2012 at 12:13am

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Some drink and forget their troubles, others drink & record them!


Some drink and forget their troubles, others drink & record them!

(via somevelvet)